Challenges in fue

 Close to 10 years I have been operating on all weekdays barring sunday as we operate on Saturdays too. We started with 0.8 mm punches from ertip and then post one year shifted to 0.9mm We use only sharp punches.... With 0.8 we were not sure of the results as we were new to the we felt that may be ,sturdy bulky grafts would give good results and hence we got stuck with 0.9mm ertip punches( 4mm) for almost a year ..we did reap some better results but it could be our learning curve too. But with 0.9mm we had two major issues  1 too much Scarring as the punch size is big and 2 most clients complaint of donor area pain and hypersensitivity due to nerve inflammation  And one more issue of post surgery hiccups ... So slowly we reverted back to 0.8mm and 4mm length ertip punches ..  We continued for a very long time and never changed to any different punches ... Just two years back we got introduced to straight punches without the hubs ... Initially we revolted but since our organ

Hair care

 After working for almost 15 years in the hair field I finally realized that commercial side of the transplant industry has subdued the science ,art and academic side of it .have finally realized that a greater depth and understanding is required in the trichology field and just being in transplant had made our eyes telescopic .. so we could not see the anguish and anxieties of the clients and customers...searching for answers for their hair issues .. so we are working on increasing the awareness and educating the masses to seek the right portals and get the best treatment at the right time all practioners of the hair art ,need to join this make trichology a crystal clear route ...through jata hair sciences we are putting all efforts to increase awareness and educate the masses .. any participation from my field friends and colleagues is more then welcome .    We are trying to educate through all platforms...  Dr Vinay chouksey  91 965 348-92-9

my experience with body hairs and beard extraction

 when i started the journey 15 years back everything was new, I had questions does this  really work.😏 being a surgeon it was an amazing news to me ......farming of hairs... .i did not see the results of the clients as i was a minor player in the team. just give us the strip and disappear....i kept pondering what happened to those clients . the technician teams did the major work then.. when i started the fue journey my company boss said vinay 15000 hairs u can plant with this technique in one go.... i never believed but kept working on the numbers reached 12000 mark with 5500 grafts ,,,and then my thoughts changed finally one year back crossed the 15000 mark in one client with 16600 hairs i was on top of the world and then a new journey started ...πŸ˜‹ with a team of talented and skilled team with me ,sky was the limit we started with beard and scalp combination.....6700 grafts body hair extraction....2300 grafts😎 and the fun part is they grow....😍 will write more soon...thanks for c

corona diaries

 Beautiful day today.......... Its peace everywhere on the streets except the hospitals  where ,a battle is going on,which drugs to give,how to save a life, all our medical professionals being challenged, more by the general frenzy, which is highlighted by the media, else the doctors look at every illness with patience and understanding..... It's like the think tank behind the wars sitting in cosy chambers and forming strategies to combat the enemy is in these chambers that the real war plan is formed and helps the whole workforce similarly , the scientists sitting in labs and working on the virus genome and lethality are going to help the whole humanity and bring back smiles on mankind.  All  is a frozen world......... travel plans are gone so much money wasted, businesses down, it is like a major flood everything gone in seconds and then you start looking for fresh options to get back to life post corona pandemic life would be different for sure....
good morning friends,today i have decided to have a beautiful and happy is so within our reach to decide our day.a session of morning meditation when u talk to our heavenly father,and than write ur day ahead,whatever we expect today.very simple but we forget to implement.some days we are blue and someday we are red.we plan so many things in life but once those vibrations are gone we forget and hence it remains undone.but anyways if u fulfill ur plan or not the basic is to enjoy life.

my spirirtual journey so far.

my journey started in childhood ,when my father felt bad about my results,of being promoted in my class by the school.i never worried about studies in those days,always playing and enjoying was our summer break,i enjoyed my stay at my grandmothers village,as it gave us a time to enjoy village father came with my results and something happened inside me,which said u need to improve ur results ,as i didnt lkie my father feeling bad about my results.i started my studies from the summer holidays it self.i was a backbencher till that time but i started taking active interest in the studies ,and slowly changed my group to students who faired well.ours was co-ed school,my partner was a smll ,sweet and stout girl,very dominating ,but loving and bright. n.b--changing ur mindset changes evrything in ur life including ur friends. so from being a no one i became a someone in the the time i finished my schooling i stood 5th in my class,with good father was v
goodmorning ,beautiful day today,had a word with our heavenly father in the morning ,best time to talk to him,as he is relatively free.other time he is busy managing all tourists on earth.every tourist apart from sight seeing also is given a purpose and their are daily blessings for work to be carried out,so this earth works smoothly.our first purpose inherent in our nature is to spread the love our father has bestowed upon us.